After We Collided by Anna Todd PDF Download

After We Collided by Anna Todd PDF Download

By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2014-11-25
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“This has to be my favorite series ever!!! I read many books and this is forever going to be number one!! I love their relationship, even though he did really messed up stuff. They can’t leave with each other and I love that. They are so different which makes them so special to one another. This is a beautiful book. I totally recommend reading, once you start you can’t stop reading. 🖤“

“Absolutely love it“

“Wow such a great book in love with this series and can’t wait to watch the movie ❤️❤️❤️“

“I’m currently about 85% through with reading book 2 and I’am beyond annoyed with this book. The characters are infuriating, I can’t stand either one of the main characters especially Tessa. The entire book they are just going back and forth with who can hurt the other more; it’s the most toxic relationship I have ever read about.The sub characters are not interesting, the progress of the story is all over the place, and are there is no substance to either character. There is absolutely no reason for these main characters to be together, so I don’t see the point in continuing reading the series. Sadly I hate not finishing a book or series so I feel like I should finish, but as I continue to read I’m getting more, and more irritated.“

“I read all of the books on this book app and i enjoyed reading them. I think it would be cool for them to even make a movie out of these books from this book app that’s minor. Was Hardin crazy and possessive, yeah and Tessa was little naive, but I’m glad that they find their way to each other and took process to know the meaning of love.“

“This book was the absolute best I’ve read the first book was also amazing and this one ranks #1 tied with the first book. So excited to start the next one. I just loved there story and how it doesn’t always end up a perfect life. That’s just not reality. I love how they change each other and help each other to be better. Thank you for this amazing book.“

“Their relationship is such a bad example to young people who read this“

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