The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald PDF Download

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald PDF Download

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Relase Date: 2003-05-27
Genre: Classics, Fiction & Literature

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“One of my favorite books we read in high school English class. Highly recommend this classic.“

“Beautiful story of love, life and New York“

“This is one of the absolute best books I have ever read, I have read it six or seven times and it still thrills me every time I read it. Absolutely astonishing.“

“I saw the movie“

“Read this for English and let me tell you, the language of the book was quite hard to understand at certain parts. I don't understand how this became a classic either, it's just meh. The story/plot is great. I absolutely love the idea. The fact of the matter is that it could have been executed much better. All in all, only read it if you absolutely have to. If you don't need to, I'm sure one of the movies will do a good enough job.“

“I’m in love with this book. I’ve read it twice. The characters are unique and intriguing. The book inspires hope and lust for tomorrow by using the romances and cliches of the 20s. This is a good book for a gift or for travel. A must read.“

“Loved it“

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