Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward PDF Download

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward PDF Download

By: J.R. Ward
Relase Date: 2007-03-06
Genre: Paranormal, Romance

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“I wasn't a fan of this one. There were just so many things that didn't quite add up to me and it still bothers me. Butch seems to have been given part of the Omega - but the Omega can't find him? Thinks he's dead? Doesn't add up - especially as we find out more about how souls return and Lessers are created. I couldn't find a way to believe any of ti. The part I did like was Vishous and learning more about his character and abilities. He's really quite fascinating. A lot of this book was taken up with characters that weren't our main couple. I still struggle with John. I just don't see him as an adult, but more of a 13 year old boy. Learning more about Rehv was amazing. I hope he gets his own story down the line - I think he deserves it. All in all, this just wasn't the one for me. I'm going to move on and get started on the next because I think it's going to be much better, and I still want to see what happens in everyone's lives.“

“This book was great. I loved butch's story!!! Amazing friendships, love, etc. these books have it all. Can't to read V's.“

“Every book in this series is amazing. I keep trying to slow down on reading them.... But I can't, they are just too good! I love all the characters. I have to say.... J.r.ward is now my favorite author. She can do no wrong when it comes to writing. Worth every penny!“

“I loved this book. When I thought she couldn't outdo herself she puts another one out. On to the next one.“

“I absolutely loved the storyline in this book. It was funny, sad and romantic. It was real even with all the vampire stuff going. The character development on Butch was great. My fave book out of the entire series.“

“Wonderful series, highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery, adventure and racy love!“

“If I read another sentence where V asks a question and ends it with the word "true", I will put a dagger through the book. This fourth installment took me the longest to read and was the least interesting story of the tremendous series. Marissa is too passive and subservient. Butch is just okay. It's not because he's not a vampire that I don't like it, but their love story just didn't wow me.“

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