Repeat by Kylie Scott PDF Download

Repeat by Kylie Scott PDF Download

By: Kylie Scott
Relase Date: 2019-04-09
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I saw the five star ratings and fell for them. To each his own, but the dirty words and explicit sex scenes just ruin the story for me.“

“What a fantastic book! When Clementine Johns loses her memory after an accident she tries to piece together who she was and it all starts with a tattoo shop. Ed Larson lost someone he loved once. So imagine his surprise when his ex walks into his tattoo shop with no memory! Can they figure out what happened to her? This is a beautifully told story of how amnesia effects not only the victim but everyone around them. I felt for Clementine trying to find her new self & the strength she had. I have a major crush on Ed!“

“Such an awesome book! Repeat is an outstanding imaginatively and sexy read that had me spellbound! Kylie Scott clearly outdid herself with her twist on a second chance romance. She broke these characters for you that that perfect mix of depth and soul. That just permeated off each and every word!! WOW!!!! Amazing!“

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