Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel PDF Download

Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel PDF Download

By: Danielle Steel
Relase Date: 2018-11-20
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance

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“The story line was ok but I was very turned off at some of the vulgarity displayed throughout the book. In my opinion, it cheapened the story. Regardless, I’m an avid Danielle Steel fan and will continue to read her books.“

“Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel has us traveling to Beecher, Michigan. Winona “Winnie” Farmington is thirty-eight years old, works at the local printing company and has been dating Rob for the last eleven years. At one time, Winnie was attending college and looked forward to a publishing career in New York. Then her mother became ill and Winnie left college to care for her mother. In the office white elephant gift exchange, Winnie gets a DVD set of the British television series Beauchamp Hall (pronounced Beecham). Over the Christmas holidays, Winnie is alone and starts watching Beauchamp Hall. She soon finds herself binge watching all six seasons of the show loving the period drama set in the 1920s. After the holidays, Winnie is anticipating being promoted to the open management position. When the job is given to ditzy, but sexy Elsie, Winnie has had enough and quits her job. She arrives home to find her boyfriend and best friend in her bed. Winnie makes an impulsive decision and books a flight to England. She decides to visit the estate where Beauchamp Hall is filmed and falls in love with the quaint village. Then Winnie gets an unexpected opportunity that changes her life forever. Sometimes magic happens when you follow your dreams! Beauchamp Hall is a pleasurable way to pass an afternoon. Winnie Farmington life has been trudging along. She is in a dead end job and a boyfriend who will not commit plus he does not treat her as she deserves. Her sister, Marie is married with two kids and they are her main focus. I believe many of us can relate to Winnie and her situation. Winnie gave up her dream to care for her mother. When she loses the promotion to the woman who can barely find her way to work and discovers her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, it is the last straw (I do not blame her). I was thrilled that Winnie finally stood up for herself and set out to have some fun. I loved the descriptions of the village and Haversham Hall where Beauchamp Hall is filmed. Those who watch Downton Abbey will see the obvious similarities. Beauchamp Hall contains good writing and realistic characters. I did feel the beginning was a little long (with Winnie in Beecher) and had a slower pace. It could have been shortened and more time spent on Winnie’s adventure (which is the best part of the book). The ending felt rushed and the characters in England were not fully developed (more 2D than 3D). Beauchamp Hall is a combination romance, women’s fiction and fairy tale. I am giving Beauchamp Hall 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). It is reminiscent of Danielle Steel’s earlier works. I found Beauchamp Hall to be a delightful escape novel (we all need a diversion from reality now and then), and I enjoyed seeing Winnie get her happily ever after.“

“I have read other Danelle Steele books before but this one is poorly written. The paragraphs do not flow and the story line is inadequate. The characters need more development. The storyline steals from Downton Abbey but is less interesting. I am sorry I payed nearly $15 for this.“

“I really enjoyed this book. I got hooked right from the start. I read it in two days. However, without giving the ending away, I feel Winnie’s final relationship in the book was wayyyyy too rushed. It was not a developed part of the book. The author should have given this relationship more time in order for the readers to believe in it and enjoy it.“

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