Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens PDF Download

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens PDF Download

By: Delia Owens
Relase Date: 2018-08-14
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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“A beautiful book of life and the human condition. This work of love gives a hope of life as we all should want to live it, in wonderment of Jehovah Gods amazing creation with a hope and faith of a forever for his creation.“

“This book is amazing, like nothing I’ve ever read before. I always love a good mystery, and in this story, the mystery was so well interwoven throughout a story that went far beyond mystery. The author, Delia Owens descriptions of the habitats of the woods and marshes, like hummingbirds and the effect of light on their luminescence, the doodlebugs leaving their trails in the marsh....were fascinating to me. The life existing in the marshes, the difference between the teeming world of the marsh and the stagnation of the swamp beyond, as well the backdrop of the South and the desperately poor girl with dignity and incredible courage to survive against all odds, despite isolation and abandonment, was so sensitively and beautifully presented. This is a work of art in fiction. Also, I began with the audiobook, but was so fascinated by some of the language of nature I’d never heard, as well as terms of the South, I purchased the ebook so that could look up the words and learn. Both forms great. The audiobook narrator is outstanding. Have begun a book club and this is our first book, first meeting tomorrow night. Can’t wait.“

“The best book I’ve read since The Help. I was sad when I finished it because I wasn’t ready to leave “the marsh”. The storytelling is flawless and beautiful. It’s also the first book I’ve read in a long time where I was surprised at the end! I love that; when I can’t predict the ending! This story is perfect. I just hope they don’t mess it up if they make it into a movie! Read this book!“

“So much for relying on NYT best sellers list. This book was bad, really bad. I renamed it “Beverly Hillbillies go to Mayberry. I too lived in NC during this time and I think “Miz Dalyela” went back a decade too far, and about 5 states too south. It had its not so bad parts, Kya's transition into her teenage, then adult years was written very smoothly, unlike other transitions that are confusing and leaves you feeling like you missed something. I did finish it and the ending caught me by surprise, which is always nice. Just too hokey, too unrealistic, and at times, too much detail. I know alot about bird feathers now ; )“

“I LOVED this book. So happy they are making a miniseries. Characters are so true and maintained their persona throughout the book. I laughed and cried. Ending was a shocker“

“Excellent read - full of wonder,mystery and heart.“

“Beautiful descriptions of the marsh and this young girl’s fight for survival. Can’t wait for more from this writer! Would make a great film!“

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