Blood Fury by J.R. Ward PDF Download

Blood Fury by J.R. Ward PDF Download

By: J.R. Ward
Relase Date: 2018-01-09
Genre: Paranormal, Romance

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“I think it was a couple books back that I began losing interest. I loved the initial 6-8 BDB books and kept eventually reading. I've had a few favorites and some I thought really sucked. Now they are becoming too predictable, as well as far too many storylines that just disappear like Assail (he's been screaming for the last 3 books now??) and the predictable 4/5 pages of story & then 4/6 pages of sex. I think I'm done now. I even stopped recommending the series a number of books back. Also, kind of tired of the over descriptive narrative author uses to fill in gaps from a viewers perspective and sound hip or with it. I tried to get into the Bourbon Kings. Gave up not even halfway into 1st book. Read a couple of the Fallen Angels, somewhat entertaining but am done with that too. I'd like to read more story & less descriptive sex too. As a rule I'm not into romance novels - more a staunch sci-fi fan. I originally got a six volume paperback set for Christmas from a friend who was "re-gifting" because she wasn't into the genre. These books caught my interest in the first 6 or so and it's been pretty much downhill. This one is definitely my last JR Ward book. 👿“

“I adore this series ; so much so that I re read them over every time a new book comes out . However , paying $14.99 for an EBook with a flat storyline left me angry and unhappy. The story between Ruhn and Saxton was interesting, but had none of JR Wards usual character depth . The Peyton and novo relationship was predictable. Overall i say don’t pay the exorbitant price to read , just borrow from a friend“

“Read the ENTIRE series. You won’t be disappointed. Wow this lady writes so good. Keep em coming hunny!“

“What can I say....ward is top shelf on reading material for anyone! Read one and soon, like me, you’ll be reading every single book written by her!“

“Another fantastic read by J. R. Ward.“

“The Warden is back! And this book landed with a resounding “Meh” in my inbox the other day. Good things: Saxton gets his HEA (FINALLY). Ward’s writing is still equal parts funny, sexy, and thrilling- she’s lost none of her magic. Bad things: the plot of the main couple is laid out and easily guessed at. You can figure out where things are going from the very beginning. Also, Saxton’s beloved (Ruhn) was introduced literally one or two books ago, but his backstory comes from nowhere. Ward is famous for her ability to lay the foundations for characters over time so we the reader get to know them. But his time in the spotlight moves to fast- his backstory is told so quickly that what is related is more funny than horrifying.“


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