The Negotiator (A Hot Romantic Comedy) by Avery Flynn PDF Download

The Negotiator (A Hot Romantic Comedy) by Avery Flynn PDF Download

By: Avery Flynn
Relase Date: 2017-04-24
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

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“Great book.“

“Great story, lovable characters that you sometimes want to slap some sense into, romance, laughs, and love. Definitely recommend“

“I absolutely adored this book! It was funny, sweet, heartwarming and very sexy! Sawyer Carlyle had to take over the family business after his father's sudden death. His mother is afraid that he is working too much and wants to find him a wife. When his brother Hudson places an ad to help Sawyer dodge unwanted attention, he never expected to find a force of nature like Clover Lee. She was beautiful, intelligent and sassy. When she effortlessly and hilariously steps in and sends his mother away, he reluctantly hires her. Negotiations between the two are fast as Clover out maneuvered and beguiled Sawyer. Clover is only looking for a temporary job to fund her next adventure. She never wanted to stay in one place and turn into her mother. When she must pose as Sawyers fake fiance, and move in with him, the re-negotiations are even more hilarious. Clover has a way of rising above her insecurities and challenging the socially awkward but super sexy Sawyer. She entices him to do things he never thought would be so much fun. Their banter is hilarious and their chemistry is explosive. When they both start to imagine the possibility of a future together, their big picture plans get in the way. There were so many laugh out loud moments but many sweet and heartwarming moments as well, not to mention their fiery passion! Their family and friends are all intriguing and wonderful characters adding to the fun and rounding out this story. This is the perfect blend of humor, charm, emotion and steam. It captured my heart and had me totally engaged from start to finish. I definitely recommend this must read romance!“

“I really enjoyed this novel of laughs, romance and heat. A very strong determined woman meets a high powered workaholic and sparks fly! Sawyer Carlyle, head of Carlyle Enterprises, is in a difficult negotiation with a client in Singapore. It doesn't seem to be going well, and is taking over his life. At the same time his Mom has started a Marry Sawyer Off campaign. At every turn his Mom shows up with beautiful women on display. He's trying to avoid her at all costs, but Helene Carlyle is determined, intimidating and not put off easily. Hunter (Sawyer's brother) has placed an ad for a "buffer." Sawyer according to the ad is " Snarky. Workaholic. Demanding. So what? He was who he was and wasn't about to apologize." Who could possibly want to work for a man like him? Jane (Clover) Lee needs a job and money for six weeks. She is a temp job specialist and is hopefully heading to Australia to save endangered Rock Wallabees. As she waits for an interview among a crowd of very put together men, a very regal woman shows up with 2 fashion model look a likes and demands Sawyer go to lunch. Clover sees her opportunity and steps up and efficiently sends the woman away, only to find out she is Sawyer's MOTHER. She heads for the door knowing she's done. Next thing she knows she is negotiating her salary, starting at ten thousand for six weeks, ending up with fifteen. Sawyer's has never been taken out of a negotiation like that. He is shocked and strangely attracted! It turns out Clover has a lot of talents, she speakers five languages, including Malay, and helps with his Singapore project, but most of all, she gets under Sawyer's no commitment only business skin. Clover really needs to head to Australia, or does she? The characters are so much fun, and I think Hudson needs a story of his own. Be happy to read that one too. If you like strong female characters with soft hearts you will love this story. I received this novel from the publisher for an honest review. Pat Fordyce“

“When I compare Flynn's writing to her earlier works, I give her 5 stars. I have been reading books by this author for a few years now. While Flynn writes a variety of romance styles, her best quality is that of the rom-com. Some of my favorite books are the Sweet series with sisters of a questionable past trying to recover their family business in their hometown. (check them out if you got this far in my review!) The Negotiator has topped Avery's book list for writing. I think this is her best work yet. The story may have been predictable (to a point), but she is outdoing herself in writer's growth. It's fun to see these changes. And defend all you want, but a poorly edited book really distracts from the storyline and you don't have that here. And how about those characters. Clover is one of my favorite heroines to date by Flynn. She is tough as nails, but yet has this "unsure" quality. She sees the negativity that we all see in ourselves, but she presents herself in a confident and take-no-crap way. She has no filter which leaves Sawyer open-mouthed at times...literally. And kept me chuckling throughout the book. So if you are looking for literary genius with a story of magnificent proportions, go check out the non-fiction section. If you are looking for a good, fun, weekend or even one-sitting read with a lot of romance, then look no further!“

“What the heck is a buffer as a job? Well Clover doesn’t really understand the job but money is money and she needs to save for her trip to Australia. Her interview is short and when she runs off Sawyers mother she is hired. Ms. Flynn hit it out of the park once again. She writes two characters that are total opposites but will have you laughing out loud and fanning yourself with their off the charts sexual tension. I loved Clover. She is running from the life of becoming her mother by taking odd jobs and visting different countires while trying to save the world. Sawyer is centered around business. There is no place for anything else in his life including the dates his mom is trying to get him to go on in the operation marry Sawyer off. All this makes for a great book. You will ride the roller coaster of a ride that Sawyer and Clover will go through as they navigate their feelings for each other. They come out a winner in every scenario that is against them. I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book.“

“I knew from the moment I saw this cover I was going to love this book! It DID NOT disappoint!! This story sucked me in from the first page!! Sawyer is an uptight, executive who can only deal with the big picture and I could not keep track of how many times I wanted to smack him upside the head. Clover is a free spirit who is afraid she'll fade away if she isn't grabbing life by the balls. When these two meet it is like oil and water but oh, how sexy it was when they got together!! This story will touch your heart and send you on an emotional rollercoaster right up to the very end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED“

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