Year One by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Year One by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2017-12-05
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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“I read this book over holiday and finished it and bought the next before the end of my time off. One of the things I loved about the book is the joining of the fantasy and post-apocalyptic concepts that felt organic and original, yet familiar to fans of the genres. Also, the book builds suspense in a way that I did not expect, but was exciting and rewarding. I've never read any Nora's work but from her style I can see how she is such a prolific author in the romance genre. She can seamlessly tie together complex feelings, motives, and actions for the reader that makes a great read. One criticism I may have is some of the action can be a little short, but I don't think it is inadequate, nor do I think her style detracts from the readers experience. I felt saved from the thousands of droning words wasted on house history a la GRRM, while not shorted on developing and painting a picture for the characters. I plan on recommend this to my other friends who dig the fantasy/sci fi genre.“

“Great story and characters. Multiple viewpoints going on but well done.“

“What a wonderful story, never a dull minute. I'm already casting the movie in my mind!“

“I studied the Book of Revelation , but the end times never appealed to me, but I enjoyed this book p. It wasn’t really about a end, but about the time of getting ready first time a new beginning and beginning anew. The prospect of a baby being born and and romance beginning was good of course if the end time and a new beginning of time seemed to not just to be coincidence bi symbolic.“

“Not my normal forte but once I started to read this book I could not put it down.“

“The writing is classic NR, but the tale is entirely new. Complicated storytelling will leave you anxious for the rest of the story.“

“One of the best thank you“

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