Shopping for a Billionaire's Baby by Julia Kent PDF Download

Shopping for a Billionaire's Baby by Julia Kent PDF Download

By: Julia Kent
Relase Date: 2018-04-24
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I enjoyed reading this book. I love the characters and the writing was excellent! She was funny throughout the book, but tender and loving in the important parts. I’m keeping it to read again!“

“I love reading this series. It is the perfect amount of romcom. Declan and Shannon are my favorite Julia Kent characters.“

“These books are all about the romance, comedy and steam. There are so many over the top characters and they all make these books special. This book is no exception. The laughter was there, but also the heart warming romance. Sweet, sweet story.“

“I completely love, love, love this series and with each book I fall deeper in love with all the characters. This series is one that you have to read in is not a standalone. So, if you think you might enjoy checking out this book then do yourself a favor and download them all. You will not be disappointed. This series has made me laugh out loud...often and it wouldn't be a Julia Kent book if I didn't find myself googling at least one thing to see if its real. That is just how she rolls. Declan and Shannon are trying to have a baby. And in true Julia fashion she had me laughing out loud to shaking my head at the "man talks" at the gym to tearing up at certain moments. You never know what to expect and I am always on my toes, turning each page and to see what is going to happen next. And I always look forward to see what Julia will have me googling next. So, check out this book, this series...if its your first time hearing about Julia. I guarantee you will will fall in love just like I did.“

“I loved it. At times sweet and romantic, others laugh out loud funny. Readers follow Dec and Shannon’s journey through the decision to have the baby, all the fun TTC, then the pregnancy and birth. It’s realistic, but with the charm and antics we expect from a JK novel.“

“All of these books in this series are so funny. But this one is hysterical! I absolutely read excerpts to my hubby! His fault! Wanted to know what I was laughing so hard about. 😀 The gym scenes are very funny - sad part, guys are really like that. The relationship between Declan and Shannon is so sooo swoon worthy and I love that even after being married to Declan for a couple years her insecurities still peak through. Marie is still a hoot & Andrew is still trying to best his brother. Julia Kent has knocked this one out of the park and it’s a definite reread for me. I can’t wait for the next “Soppong” book and don’t even care who it will feature. I just know it will be funny and romantic and that’s all that matters.“

“This is one of my favorite series and I was beyond excited when I learned that Shannon and Declan were going to be having a baby!! This is the 13th book in the series and while technically it can probably be read as a standalone, the characters and the storyline is best enjoyed when read in order since it has been following the same characters. This book has all of the funny moments that I've come to expect from the Shopping series but in addition to all the funny, there is also a ton of emotional times that are heartwarming and sometimes gut-wrenching. I love all of the moments that Shannon and Declan had in this book, both navigating planning for a baby and all the way through the pregnancy. With every book, I love Declan just a little bit more. I can't wait to see what's in store for this crazy crew!! *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*“

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