The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas PDF Download

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas PDF Download

By: Angie Thomas
Relase Date: 2017-02-28
Genre: Culture, Places & People, Young Adult

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“This was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It was inspiring, sad, and beautiful.“

“I love this book it was awesome I really enjoyed it“

“Black peoples should be treated like white disentangle matters if they are white or black it doesn't matter“

“I love everything about the book from beginning to end, definitely going to read more of Angie Thomas’s books.“

“I loved the book so much! Don’t waste time on the movie because I was highly disappointed in it. The book is much better and amazing and the action and emotion was nonstop.“

“I loved this book so much I had to read it within a week because I was trying to savor it. I found this book eye opening in many ways. Although it was through the perspective of a black family in which I’m familiar with, I saw it through another lens which made me see the world differently. If you’re thinking about the book I recommend you just get it because regardless, there is something that will stick with you from this book. Overall I enjoyed it and I think anyone who reads it will too.“

“this is breathtaking. I loved every single part about this book. it makes you think. it makes your heart race to see what will happen next“

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