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“Never disappointed and always wanting more.“

“I loved this book!! Axe and Elise were amazing together. I loved how Axe opened up to Elise and they were all in with each other. I loved the way they were able to laugh and talk to each other. Even when they had their big fight, it was understandable. And I loved how they and back together. Axe is my baby! His past was so sad but I'm glad he had Elise. I loved Mary and Rhages storyline as well. Bitty is a great addition to the story! Even though Mary and Rhages storyline was sad I loved how everything worked out. Overall great book! I can't wait for Peyton and Novos book next. I honestly don't know how their relationship is going to develop. Peyton has a lot of growing up to do. And I'm excited to learn more about Novo. But what I'm really excited about is Saxton anf Rhun!!! I've been waiting for my baby Saxton to get his HEA since Lover at Last. I'm excited to see how this relationship progresses and how Saxton recognized Rhun!!!“

“Wow! I couldn't put the book down till I finished it. Incredible writer and the series just gets better.“

“Only four stars because let's face it Ward has set the bar high with previous publications. The BDB Legacy series keeps going strong with action, drama, and Ward's rapier wit! Half of the book is Axe and Elise's story. Axe is a jaded loner looking for everything except the love of his life. Elise is a daughter of privilege looking to escape the confines of her sheltered existence in order to give back to her race. Their story is interesting but not as heart wrenching and engaging as other Ward tales. The jewel of this novel is the continuation of Rhage, Mary, and Bitty's story. Prepare for an emotional tale that will make you cry, sigh, and laugh out loud.“

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